Saturday, December 8, 2007

Insatiable Interest in International Exchange

by: Jennifer Kumar

Bullet Points of My International Education Inspirations
- 11th and 12th grade met and made friends with international students.
- 12th grade I tried to apply for study abroad to Spain.
- Junior and Senior year of College I learned Hindi, Japanese, Asian History.- Junior and Senior year of College I performed Japanese Cultural Dances.
- Senior year of college I worked for the Global Ambassadors international students mentor program.
- 1998 December made my first trip to India, visiting Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Thirupathi and Mumbai.
- 1998-1999 worked for Harvard Institute for International Development as a project accountant for economic development programs in India and African countries.
- 1999 created a dream team of friends and influential people to provide me the opportunity to be the first American to study at Madras Christian College.
- 1999-2001 was the first and only American to attend and graduate from Madras Christian College, India.
- Active participant in Indian cultural clubs from 2001- present.
- Series of cultural competency trainings on Indian culture at Hillside Children Center 2004-2007.
- Organized two conferences on unifying cross cultural issues attended by over 100 people.- Visited Rajagiri College, India, presenting a talk on Utilizing Indian Social Work Degrees in U.S.
- Performed Indian cultural dance, Thiruvathirakali, in Rochester, New York. (see videos below)
- Volunteer at Nazareth College Center for International Education 2007. (I am the graphic designer of the fall 2007 issue.)
To see more of my career accomplishments, visit my career portfolio.

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